Services & Support

Battery Maintenance

Accutech UPS Battery Care plans are tailored towards the types of batteries used within UPS and Standby Power Systems. They can be combined with a UPS Maintenance plan to provide complete system cover or provided where only the battery is to be maintained

Load Testing

Full AC and DC on-site load testing when a complete system inspection is required. Load bank testing is provided as an option to standard commissioning and maintenance procedures. Load bank testing helps to identify potential areas for concern under controlled test conditions. With the service an engineer can quickly identify if the UPS is correctly connected and/or capable of supporting a critical load. Load bank testing can also be used as part of extensive battery testing.

Battery Testing and Replacement

Accutech Power solution Ltd works with all the major battery manufacturers and can source virtually any replacement cells. Batteries can be replaced on-site and the system brought back on line

Data Center Maintenance

Accutech service plan is specifically designed to provide preventive maintenance, reliable 24/7/365 emergency service and corrective service for the data center. We will manage the plan through our selected service affiliates and will contract directly with each supplier of the described services

  • Develop an annual preventive maintenance schedule
  • Coordination and tracking of all service visits
  • Physical site inspecting
  • Review of invoices for additional services
  • Review of all service reports
  • Resolution of service issues

Included in the service plan

  • Data center cleaning
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Rack-based air handling equipment
  • Building HVAC
  • UPS & Batteries
  • Static switching equipment
  • Free standing & rack-based power distribution equipment
  • Power & data cable physical inspection
  • Infrared power connection scanning
  • Generator and automatic transfer switch equipment
  • Fire suppression & detection equipment
  • Sprinkler systems

UPS Maintenance

The UPS service provided by Accutech power Solutions that guarantees a response time of either next day or within a 4 hour period 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This response time is available in an annual maintenance agreement

Every UPS needs to be serviced regularly to ensure that it is operating correctly and that its batteries are in good working order. As a minimum, a UPS Solutions Maintenance Agreement provides reassurance of knowing that a technician is available when required. Some customers are content with a simple annual subscription which offers the availability of a technician within a given timeframe. Others prefer a more comprehensive service – A tailored UPS Systems Maintenance contract can address all needs