Solar Inverters

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    Blueplanet 20.0 TL3 INT

    The new blueplanet 20.0 TL3 INT gives you plenty of flexibility in the medium power range. Firstly, the inverter rounds off the 10 to 17kVA power range led by its Powador brothers: The name being based on its AC output, the device identifies itself as a genuine 20kVA unit.

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    Blueplanet 5.0 TL3 | 6.5 TL3 | 7.5 TL3 | 8.6 TL3 | 9.0 TL3 | 10.0 TL3

    The blueplanet 5.0 TL3 to 10.0 TL3 come, without exception, with 2 MPP trackers which can get to grips with all imaginable design configurations of a modular PV generator. As such, each MPP tracker can process the whole AC output. If you also consider the extremely wide input voltage range from 200 V to 950 V, multiple string configurations become possible. So, with these characteristics, the blueplanet TL3 present themselves as the most flexible three-phase inverters in their power class on the market.

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    Blueplanet 50.0 TL3

    Save on costs, not on quality: designed to achieve maximum economic efficiency, the blueplanet 50.0 TL3 packs the further developed configuration of the proven Powador 60.0 TL3 into a highly compact, wall-mounted format, and still only weighs 73 kg.

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    Trina Solar Home : 3KW, 5KW & 10 KW

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