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IBM Blade Server

  • Consolidate on IBM BladeCenter Power Blades and virtualize applications to better utilize resources and amplify the already-significant advantages of BladeCenter efficiencies
  • Simplifies your deployment with flexible configurations that make it easy to implement the right system and the ability to run AIX, IBM i, and Linux operating systems simultaneously
  • Realize innovation with a flexible, scalable architecture that lets you choose the right solution for your dynamic business and delivers the utmost in investment protection, performance growth, and time to value
  • A secure, resilient infrastructure solution that helps drive cost down, reduces risk, improves energy efficiency and enhances flexibility

IBM Rack Server

The RIGHT choice, tailored to fit your diverse needs Combining open, industry standards with deep business experience and renowned research capabilities, the IBM X-Architecture blueprint equips System x and BladeCenter servers with innovative technology that makes IT easier and more reliable. Proactive tools that help you manage complexity and support growth of your business and data centre. Capabilities that help you become more efficient so you can go green and start saving. The ultimate goal is to help you realize innovation in your own business. Imagine enterprise servers, blade servers, rack servers and solutions that are open, easy and green with innovation that can help set you apart from the competition

IBM Storage

Storage managers are in a challenging situation. On one hand they face the need to do more with less. And on the other the need to store ever increasing amounts of data. IBM tape and disk storage systems can work together to help manage rapidly growing information assets while driving cost savings over the long term.

IBM Tivoli Backup Software

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Provides advanced Unified Recovery Management solutions that limit the amount of data at risk of loss, and reduces the time to recover following nearly any data loss event
  • Provides automated data lifecycle management to help reduce overall storage and administration costs
  • Can manage up to 4 billion data objects in a single Tivoli Storage Manager Server
  • Built-in data reduction/data de-duplication technologies, disaster recovery with client and metadata replication best-of-breed scalability and reliability, and simplified management help to reduce costs, improve service levels, and mitigate risks
  • Suitable for Thin Film as well as crystalline Silicon Modules

Tivoli Storage Manager for Virtual Environments:
  • Offloads backup processes from virtual guest resources
  • Flexible recovery options - file, volume or VM image, from a single-pass backup
  • Automatic discovery and protection of new VMs
Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack:
  • Advanced continuous data protection and rapid recovery solution for critical Windows and Linux application servers
  • Simplified, flexible, cost-effective protection of virtual environments
Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager:
  • Enables fast & frequent protection of critical applications to limit data loss without disruption to operations
  • Supports instant recovery capabilities in IBM System Storage
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Suite for Unified Recovery
  • A bundle of 10 Storage Manager products. Use the right tool for each data protection and recovery job without worrying about individual product licenses.