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Gunebo is a professional supplier of security & safety products and solutions. We are associated with Gunebo for more than a decade and have created a foot print in this competitive market . With 77 years of experience at Gunebo in the Indian market, we have unrivalled expertise in delivering secure storage,

Safe Deposit Lockers:-
  • Chubbsafes Deposit Locker
  • Modular Lockers
  • Steelage - Deposit Locker
  • Safe Wth Safe Depsoit Lockers
Chubbsafes Deposit Locker
  • Made from uniform thick steel plates with reinforcements on all sides
  • Doors and hinges superimposed by anodised aluminium fronts
  • Custodian-Renter key facility
  • Anti-corrosive paint finish with fine enamel coating
  • Stainless steel finish fronts to give an attractive appearance which requires no maintenance

Modular Lockers
  • Easy to install
  • Fast to set up
  • Maneuverable to requirement
  • No breakage of tiles or cuts in carpets

Steelage - Deposit Locker

Doors and hinges are superimposed with anodized aluminum fronts and require no maintenance. Locks are made of best grade material and levers are provided with phosphor bronze springs. Two independent locking units activated by stainless steel keys.

All parts of the cabinet are subjected to a thorough anti rust chemical and mechanical treatment, before being applied with a coat of anti corrosive paint and fine enamel coating

Available in various models SDL-32, SDL-51, SDL-75, SDL-90.

Safe Wth Safe Depsoit Lockers

Safe with Safe Deposit Lockers are ideal for small branches of banks as well as for co-operatives where the provision of a strongrom may be uneconomical.

Based on the same lines of Fire and Burglary Resistant safes. 20 bend construction with entire body of uniform strength. 10mm thick door is constructed of tough steel plates reinforced with drill and hammer resisting special steel plates. All sides and door are protected by special fire resistant material.

Available in various models FBR 2085/SDL-29, FBR 2085/SDL- 36, FBR 2085/SDL-46, FBR 2085/SDL-56