Our Mission

  • To retain and build business on customer trust.
  • To be a promising company to whom the industry accepts and recognizes as a Complete & Competitive Solutions Provider.
  • To create a place for the young and the experienced to help them achieve their dream career.
  • To attain the highest standards in the industry by adopting and updating on the latest in technology.
  • To be an ideal marketing, sales and service company in India for the world’s top manufacturers.
  • To have values that will help us to be recognized as a trustworthy company in the eyes of all.

Our Vision

Accutech aims to be one amongst the Top 500 companies in India by creating core competency at every level of sales and service so as to excel in creating the best value proposition to the corporate world.

Our Values

People :

Accutech is the sum of its people their individual and collective efforts are valued and respected and results awarded.

Dynamic :

Accutech moves firmly to anticipate new market opportunities and challenges

Honesty :

Accutech seeks to be honest, honorable and transparent in all dealings be it with its customers, its people or their vendors.

Innovation :

Accutech engages people and technology to constantly upgrade ways and means to better our services that our customers value