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Services & Support

Data Center Maintenance

Accutech service plan is specifically designed to provide preventive maintenance, reliable 24/7/365 emergency service and corrective service for the data center. We will manage the plan through our selected service affiliates and will contract directly with each supplier of the described services

  • Develop an annual preventive maintenance schedule
  • Coordination and tracking of all service visits
  • Physical site inspecting
  • Review of invoices for additional services
  • Review of all service reports
  • Resolution of service issues

Included in the service plan

  • Data center cleaning
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • Rack-based air handling equipment
  • Building HVAC
  • UPS & Batteries
  • Static switching equipment
  • Free standing & rack-based power distribution equipment
  • Power & data cable physical inspection
  • Infrared power connection scanning
  • Generator and automatic transfer switch equipment
  • Fire suppression & detection equipment
  • Sprinkler systems